About Us

TahoeCabinRentals.com was bred from the classic cliche'  "necessity is the mother of invention" 

Mike Sommer - Founder, and a Tahoe rental cabin owner himself was frustrated with the various selections of vacation rental websites available. Most sites were clunky, difficult to navigate, very expensive to list a rental property (some vacation rental sites charging OVER $300 per year per listing!!) Most importantly Mike felt that these sites lacked the most critical aspect: Focus! None were Lake Tahoe specific. Until now.

"It just didn't make sense to me that my cabin listing should get lost amidst bungalow rentals in Jamaica [and thousands of other world wide rentals]... not that there is anything wrong with renting a bungalo in Jamaica, it's just that these sites lacked specific geographic focus..."

Catering specifically to privately owned cabins, condos, houses and townhouses, TahoeCabinRentals.com puts the vacation renter in direct contact with the property owner. The beauty of dealing direct with the owners is eliminating excess fees charged by travel and rental agencies. Some rentals here are roughly half the cost if you were to go through an agency. 

So TahoeCabinRentals.com was born. From humble beginnings back in 1997, the "site" built of a static web page listing Mike's Tahoe rental plus a few acquaintances' South Tahoe rental properties, burgeoned into a cleanly designed, user friendly "meat and potatoes navigation" website, with properties sorted by region around and near Lake Tahoe. "Point, click, rent a cabin"

Mike has a laid back approach to things... "go ahead and list your property free for 30 days. Try it and see what happens... if you get just one booking you've paid for a year of listing your property here, and then some! ... if you don't want to continue your listing, let us know. we'll remove it. No charge. no questions, no hard sell"  Mike goes on to remind us that for the cost of a couple classified ads in the Sunday paper, (which gets you only a few days of exposure to a very limited local audience) you can get a years worth of worldwide exposure on the TahoeCabinRentals.com website, with over 250,000 visitors for the year 2007. "And growing!"  Mike adds. 

Annual subscriptions run just $99.95 per year per property, and for an extra $25 you can have your property added into the 'Feature Property' rotation directly on the front page! Wow!

"Pretty fair dinkum if you ask me..."


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